ToFi Bridge

Product Overview

The younger brother of the smartphone was born in Autumn of 2016. His skills are not suited for the consumer but perfect for business operation. He can create a new style of business operation, leading to worldwide business revolution!

Item Content Remark
Operation System Android 4.4
CPU MIPS - Based Dual Cores Max 1.2 GHz
Memory 512 MB DDR 2
Display Panel 3.0' TFT 640 x 480 Capacitive touch with Air bonding
Camera 5M pixel with Auto Focus
Microphone Audio Input Sensitivity - 23 dBFS
Wireless WIFI 802.11 b/g/n DDR 2
Battery Li-Power 1100mAhr
AC charge 100V ac 5V/1A Micro USB port
Bluetooth 4.0 Support BLE
Speaker Output power 0.5W max

MIC & Speaker

Cygnus MIC can support simple voice input feature! It can feasible for various operation in difficult environments.


For getting various information, Cygnus has autofocused 5M camera QR code reader can reduce a lot of data input operation.

NFC reader/ NFC tag

NFC tag is popular and mature in the market fields. Cygnus can read NFC and transacts data for your own business.

i - Fi & Bluetooth

Outdoor operators can use Cygnus with pocket Wifi all over the world.